Black Saturday 10th anniversary

The Black Saturday bushfires occurred on 7 February 2009.

In recognition of the thousands of people affected by this disaster and in honour of the 10th anniversary of this event, we share with you a poem written by our team member, Rhonda Abotomey, capturing her experience of post-traumatic growth:

Gift of Hope (… the sanctuary of shared pain)

Edited by Laura Brearley

We come together
Linked by deep common threads of suffering

And even deeper threads
Of resilience and connection

Together in our suffering and survival
There is time to nurture and encourage

Conquering this bushfire
Through spirit and passion

Pillars of strength
Warriors of quiet invisible force

Expressing the most basic of human needs
Love and care

A banquet of soul food
Sustenance for the days ahead

People in action powered by huge hearts
Poetry in motion

Testament to the power of compassion
And the priceless gift of hope