told by workers

“… we were almost like tortoises without shells after the event… [PTG] it’s something about growing the shell back or replacing it with something else…”  

cliff collage

”  … the Tree Project saved my life… The reason I’m happy and healthy and able to talk to people today is because of this project and the growth it allowed me to find…” (Cliff)


“…I’ve done things that I didn’t think were possible… what’s important is different…” (Anonymous Social Worker/Counsellor)

“…People might not recognize it at all…even though they may experience some element of post-traumatic growth, they may not even recognize it within themselves…” (Colin)

“… It’s been literally growing on the job…and there has been no handbook of how to do this…there was no reference point.. and so the growth is literally experiential…” (Liza)


“…You grew networks, you grew relationships, you grew skills – all things you didn’t have before…”     





“…The emotional gain that I had from that experience was probably the pinnacle of my career in the public service.  

Government disaster response worker.  Anonymous




“…A lot of discussion was about the amazing capacity for resilience that’s untapped  until people are encouraged, or inspired, or just have to execute…”

Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission Lawyer



“…I also learnt that you can use humour as long as you have the trust of people…”   John



“…I reckon I spent two years feeling uncomfortable, but in a positive way… For me it was a real growth experience understanding my limits but also being able to talk about it too and be open about it… “

I learned a lot about myself…”      John



“…I would say that the growth process is still very much ongoing…”

Liza, 5 years post Black Saturday



“…there was a lot of skills building that went on, and very quickly…”    

Public Service Employee: Anonymous



“….I think the growth came not in the first few years but in the later part…”

Anonymous: Social work professional