Skills & Knowledge


The people who contributed their accounts of growth for this project frequently made reference to positive change and transformation in their skills and knowledge. 

References were across the board, coming from people personally affected, from people involved through their work and from people who were both personally and work involved.



….reflections By people Personally involved


Kate Canvas



“… As a couple there has been incredible growth, incredible learning about one another …”        Jill



“…I came to get involved with this small group of women to run some [bushfire recovery] events…. that’s something I’d never organized before.

So to me that’s a big post-traumatic growth experience, I guess, in organizing these sorts of events… that’s really pushed me forward…”           Jeanette


….reflections by people work involved



“…You grew networks, you grew relationships, you grew skills – all things you didn’t have before…”     





“…The emotional gain that I had from that experience was probably the pinnacle of my career in the public service.  

Government disaster response worker.  Anonymous




“…A lot of discussion was about the amazing capacity for resilience that’s untapped  until people are encouraged, or inspired, or just have to execute…”

Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission Lawyer



“…I also learnt that you can use humour as long as you have the trust of people…”   John

….reflections by PEOPLE both personally and work involved


“…I have more capacity now than I did before the fires…because I understand more about myself…”

“…I feel better enabled through the skills that I have learnt through that post traumatic growth…”

“…There is a set of skills that I have accrued somewhat unconsciously…”




Lyns book-001

“…There were a lot of people, myself included who have grown and obtained a whole lot of knowledge and information…”




“…On a very deep level I feel I’ve got another wisdom…” Rouve


“… one thing that we’ve learnt from the fires, because everybody was so broken, was to come together…”               Ollie