Many contributors reflected, directly and indirectly, on the relationship between their experiences of post-traumatic growth and time.

The connection is diverse and uniquely personal. Paradox prevails with qualities of both timeliness and timelessness.

The “right or wrong” time is individual, contextual – a matter of personal preference. There seems to be no definitive thing as ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ time for post-traumatic growth to occur. 

Time just is –  as is a person’s experience of post-traumatic growth.

….reflections on ptg & time By people Personally involved


stepby stepleap

“…My mental health is in a far better place than what it has been for nearly a decade…..”

“… Lots of incremental, small incremental growth and then at times big growth…”

“…Sometimes the growth is immediate and sometimes you don’t recognize it until some time later….”           Kate


  “…you sort of reflect back on it. It’s been an amazing journey and we are still on it…”        



“…It’s a huge disaster like that that makes you stop and really look truthfully at things and choose what you want to go on with…it almost gives you permission to leave things behind that are no good anymore…”




…reflections on ptg & time by people work involved


“…I reckon I spent two years feeling uncomfortable, but in a positive way… For me it was a real growth experience understanding my limits but also being able to talk about it too and be open about it… “

I learned a lot about myself…”      John



“…I would say that the growth process is still very much ongoing…”

Liza, 5 years post Black Saturday



“…there was a lot of skills building that went on, and very quickly…”    

Public Service Employee: Anonymous



“….I think the growth came not in the first few years but in the later part…”

Anonymous: Social work professional


 ….reflections on ptg & time by people both personally and work involved


Ollies building project

“…..with the rebuilding of my home, even though my farm is not substantially operating, I am the most content I have been in 30 years…”


“… I think one of the big growth periods is yet to come…”


“… I think evolve  is actually quite a good word.… it has been a process of evolution…”